Project Overview
The challenge for this project was to create a service or product which improves the experience of dog owners, dogs on one hand and business owners running eating establishments on the other, while eliminating the risk of such establishments becoming exclusively “dog-centered”.
My contributions
For this project, I created physical prototypes, conducted field & desk research, worked on data analysis, ideation and user testing.
Design Process
Primary research included interviews in Amsterdam with pet stores, cafes & restaurants (Dog-friendly & non-friendly), dog & non-dog owners with a structured questionnaire. More field research was done later during the process and the final prototypes were presented to the stakeholders.
Ideation & prototyping
After gathering the research insights and conducting ideation sessions with the team, digital & physical prototypes were created, out of which three were shortlisted. Upon feedbacks and suggestions from the stakeholders, the SuperPaw was declared as the winner. 
Making of SuperPaw
Through the open-source electronics platform Arduino, the machine was created by combining hardware and software.
Happy client faces!
Working prototype final video

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