A mobile app with an automatic recipe generator that facilitates the collection of rescued food (food about to be wasted) and delivers it to the end users.
Client: Critical Media Lab | Location: Basel | Elements: UX/UI, Machine Learning | Tools: Figma, Miro, Adobe CC
Project Overview
The challenge for this project was to create an interface that collects and delivers rescued food with a list of rules (algorithms) that the system uses to match available food with possible users.  The project also demanded an interface for end-users to communicate their needs and current inventory.
My contributions
For this project, I conducted research in the space of food waste, ethical and sustainable delivery of food choosing the right research methodologies. Worked on algorithms for object recognition and machine learning. I was also involved in data analysis, user testing, building wireframes, and designing screens for the final prototype. To promote the app, I did the voice-over and mixed the audio.
The research for this project was continuous and found its way alongside various stages of the process. This included field, desk research and benchmarking. Multiple interviews with the stakeholders in the space allowed me to gather insights and make prototypes as the next steps.
Cooking sessions with rescued food as a first person exploration and visits, interviews at community diners on a mission to reduce consumer food waste.
The key research insights led to brainstorming & ideation sessions which included methods like crazy eight and worst possible ideas that helped me to include and eliminate potential features for the prototype.
User journeys were created to visualize individual's relationship with the product and to represent the timeline of all touch points.
Hi- Fidelity prototypes
Watch the video below to see how it works 
Final Prototype Video

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