A mobile app to split bike expenses with households sharing bikes.
Role : UX Designer, Visual Designer | Tools : Figma, Miro, Adobe CC, Google forms | Timeline : One week
Many cities across Europe, including The Netherlands, are rethinking urban living and trying to accommodate cities to become even more cycle-friendly. This will mean an increase in the overall number of cyclists, which is a positive thing when it comes to traffic pollution. However, what about the households that share just one bike? Could a system work in a household that had a shared bike? How would this system work and what features would it would have?
Assumptions (why, who, where, what, when?)
User Research - Process
Based on the problem provided and the assumptions, I proceeded to identify behavioral and domain-specific questions that would help me with narrowing the scope of the problem to a few, important use cases, to a representative group of my friends.
I presented these questions to my more than willing friends (in return for a cup of coffee or 🍻) and documented their responses in a google form. The following pictures are the screenshots of these responses.

Total sample size : 6 people | Responses recorded :
 5 (eliminated one outlier in age and very specific physical mobility needs)
User Personas 1/3
User Persona 2/3
User Persona 3/3
Key Use Cases

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